In 2020 Environmental Automation announced securing the BMS project at 6 Stewart Avenue Newcastle – The Store.

Our Major projects team were kind enough to arrange a site visit & it was great to see the team at work. To meet the deadline the team have worked diligently installing the 11 storey commercial building.

We envision that Environmental Automation will contribute to our clients goal in the design of this smart building.

Centrally located in Newcastle with panoramic views & over 15000sqm of office space.

NSW government has tenanted floors one to seven. Large businesses moving from Western Sydney are expected to take up the remaining four floors.

The water & energy saving technology installed in this building are expected to achieve city leading environmental benchmarks.

The system consists of two chillers & two cooling towers, a modular boiler system, heat exchanger for tenant condenser water system & chiller management system. There are over 200 VAV’s in the building & in excess of 50 FCU’s.

A feature of this building is the outside air heat exchanger, which reclaims conditioned air, thereby reducing energy costs. This also assists with maintaining conditions overnight.

Environmental Automation has contributed to our clients goal in the design of this smart building.

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