Museums pose unique air quality requirements & Environmental Automation are developing a portfolio within this niche market.

This Heritage listed building designed to showcase the Sisters’ work since arriving in Australia from Ireland in 1838, will undergo supply & install of all electric control system, dehumidifiers & humidifiers, in addition integration of BMS for equipment within Repositories’ & Exhibition rooms.We will see a more sophisticated BMS system & better managed air quality for our clients requirements.

In addition, our clients requirements involve achieving a higher accuracy with regards to humidity monitoring to assist in the preservation of valuable artefacts & archives. Interfacing with the BMS system, additional Nube iO wireless sensors have been strategically placed to control & monitor repository spaces & also giving the flexibility to change position.


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Gippsland Regional Aquatic Centre, Victoria

New BMS Install in Gippsland Regional Aquatic Centre

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Baptcare Strathalan Macleod, Victoria

BMS Install for Independent Living Apartments

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6 Stewart Avenue, Newcastle

BMS Install into 11-Storey Building

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University of Sydney

University Of Sydney 

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345 George Street, Sydney NSW

345 George Street, Sydney

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Level 12 Angel Place

BMS Project for prestigious Angel Place Building

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Heritage Centre – Sisters of Charity

Heritage-listed Museum for Sisters Of Charity of Australia

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