ARA Indigenous Services

Indigenous owned and operated, providing reliable solutions for facilities and infrastructure. 

ARA Indigenous Services offers a diverse range of industrial services through the ARA Group and guides and mentors all of ARA’s divisions to meet engagement and employment objectives with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
Our clients span across all sectors and vertical markets, including: Government, Education, Health, Transport, Corporate, Commercial, Retail and beyond. 

We are on a mission to strengthen partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians through understanding, encouragement and active involvement. It is our vision to create a link and avenue to the Indigenous communities in the Remote Indigenous Procurement Policy (RIPP) regions and to engage with the community through encouragement, support, philanthropy and active involvement. 

We aim to increase the number of our employment opportunities on an annual basis within the community.

Wiimali Program

In May 2018, we launched the Wiimali program, an employment program which encourages Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples to partner with our ARA Indigenous Services team and utilise our support processes. 

The program starts with interview preparation support and mentorship and continues throughout the employee’s education, their work and their career development. Support for success is the key to our Wiilmali program.

By working closely with our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander employees – both potential and placed, we develop a bespoke, one-on-one opportunity to ensure greater outcomes for their career aspirations. Each Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander employee is supported with our 360 Degree Holistic Program. 

The Wiimali Program focus areas include: