We make things easier for our clients by introducing smarts around things we do.

Integrating the Mechanical-Electrical + BMS helps building/project managers be economical, manage risk and do things in an efficient manner.

What We Provide 


EA provides integration of Mechanical-Electrical and BMS systems solutions from design and construction to test and commissioning.

Our team of certified Electricians specialise in the following:

  • Mechanical-Electrical services switchboards
  • Essential services switchboards
  • Car park ventilation panels
  • Retrofit
  • Upgrades to existing switchboards

Features Benefits
Complete design of switchboards tailored to clients project needs Integration of Mechanical-Electrical and BMS – one location
Experienced installers dedicated to ensuring our clients brief and expectations are metDedicated Account Manager
Commissioning by qualified professionals to ensure smooth mechanical plant operation.Compliant with AS/NZS 61439 to ensure quality assurnace
On-site modifications/upgrades to existing boards
Seamless integration of BMS into the Mechanical controls i.e. VSD
Switchboard manufacturing built in-house

Combine BMS + Mech-Elec to create transparency
Technical design by experienced Engineers

Reputable partnerships with suppliers

High quality materials used

Thermal Scanning

Prevent costly switchboard issues. 

Thermal scanning, during and post DLP leads to early identification of potential failure ensuring minimal scheduled downtime, prevention of potential risk and safety. 

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