BMS Graphics

As we find ourselves in an environment where operators may not necessarily be able to be present on site, remotely monitoring buildings is fast becoming the trend.

Graphics can assist in giving facility managers an overview of their buildings data points and allows the operators to change set points to support the buildings desired requirements.

A well designed head end assists the end user in allowing them to navigate with ease whilst having the control they require for their facility.  EA graphics not only look professional, they allow the operators to inspect their facility, identify issues with their building and give them more control to change system parameters such as set points and equipment control.

Features & benefits of our Visualisations offering: 

  • Web and PC based server setup
  • PC and server based supported graphics
  • In-house graphics
  • Simple user interface design
  • HTML5 supported interface
  • Diagnostic and monitoring dashboards
  • Auto scaling for all PC & devices
  • Multiple views
  • Full access to BMS functions managed by BMS platform
  • Optional user access restrictions
  • End user training


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