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Our Energy Management Consultancy

The greenhouse performance of commercial buildings is now increasingly important to the wider business community.

EA is dedicated to providing comprehensive energy management solutions through our EA Plus division. This includes monitoring, investigation, reviewing and recommending an extensive range of energy saving strategies. Our experienced energy management consultants can optimise your building automation system to achieve & improve energy efficiency for your building, plant & equipment.

EA has the capability to implement these strategies in cost effective maintenance plans.

Optimise Your Energy Even Further

Environmental Automations core focus is to provide transparency to our clients through the EA Plus Service. EA Plus offers remote analysis & optimisation in the following areas:

  • HVAC optimisation
  • Utility, analysis & benchmarking
  • Tracking a multitude of assets
  • Complete in-house service
  • FDD (Fault Detection Diagnostics)
  • Indoor air quality benchmarking
  • Tenant comfort benchmarking
  • Simplified reporting and transparency


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Energy Solutions

Our goal is to continually strive to deliver exceptional strategic, fully-integrated services through product research and development, engineering support and business management. 

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Graphics can assist in giving facility managers an overview of their buildings data points and allows the operators to change set points to support the buildings desired requirements.

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Integrated Fault Detection Diagnostics (IFDD)

IFDDs delivers easily digestible insights into a building performance and a clear path to issue resolutions. We empower our clients to gain an insight into the performance of the building regardless of their experience or understanding of the HVAC industry.

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EA Plus

Energy efficiency plays a vital role in minimising overheads and reducing field equipment life-cycle costs. Many premises can save 20-40% on their energy bills by implementing cost effective energy efficient practices such as remote monitoring.

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Industry Specialisation

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