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345 George Street, Sydney

CLIENT ISPT – Super Property and CBRE
LOCATION 345 George Street, Sydney NSW
DURATION July 2020 – December 2020

BMS Cutover for
A-Grade Office Tower

Operating with a decade-old building management system (BMS), Environmental Automation was able to significantly increase energy savings by retrofit to Reliable Controls seamlessly within the building network.

The Challenge

As a 16-level ISPT-owned commercial building, 345 George Street in Sydney had been operating with a decade-old building management system (BMS). Against a backdrop of Australia’s commitment to the Paris Agreement to demonstrate a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, ISPT and building agents CBRE re-engaged engineers from ARA Group company, Environmental Automation to retrofit systems, securing the asset’s position as an A-Grade, energy-efficient office tower.

The tower had previously operated on the Yamatake BMS and was being serviced by Environmental Automation. While it had held a five-star NABERS energy rating, CBRE was conscious of the inherent risk in maintaining an outdated system and that blue-chip tenants and the Federal Government were looking at meeting further energy reductions to meet the country’s emissions targets.

Environmental Automation’s National Estimating Manager, Ray Davies said the company’s longstanding relationship with both ISPT and CBRE contributed to a collaborative solution.

The Solution

Engaged to scope the project in late 2019 just as Covid-19 was taking hold overseas, Environmental Automation’s engineering solution would eventually focus on the retrofit to Reliable Controls — a global standard in building management systems.

Importantly, keeping one eye on future operating costs and efficiencies, the system is backward compatible, meaning any future software and hardware upgrades can be done in sections as required or as the budget allows, giving the owner the ability to operate the system without the need for a complete overhaul.

Reliable Controls utilize BACnet as its main open protocol language and is one of the most open systems in Australia. This, along with Environmental Automations in depth understanding of multiple automation systems allowed Environmental Automation’s engineering team to seamlessly integrate it within the building network.

By the time the retrofit was ready to commence in June 2020, the building was operating at 70 per cent capacity due to Covid-19 restrictions, which allowed the team a degree of flexibility in minimising disruption to floors and tenants.

The Results

The project was delivered by the first week of November 2020 and thanks to the flexibility of working in then-untenanted levels and out of hours, the retrofit came in under budget.

With a 12-month Defect Liability Period (DLP now underway to October 2021, the Environmental Automation’s engineering team has handed over to its service team to manage the maintenance requirements, but it is the additional proactive strategies that Analytics Manager Muhamed Cengic says is contributing further value.

“We’ve maintained our long relationship with CBRE and this building because we put solutions on the table before risks or benefits are realised,”
Muhamed Cengic, Analytics Manager

With plans to implement EA Plus— a remote analytics and optimisation technology — following DLP, early indications have the building on track to attain a five-and-a-half star NABERS rating. Some performance indicators are currently delivering up to 75 per cent year-on-year energy savings, meaning the new Reliable Controls system is far exceeding ISPT’s own expectations, cementing them as a premium and sustainable office tower operator.


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