More clients are now seeing the value in implementing our Integrated Fault Detection Diagnostics (IFDD) package to their buildings.


Environmental Automation prides itself on increased communication with our clients ensuring the service we are providing aligns with their requirements.


What does Integrated Fault Detection Diagnostics mean?

IFDD is a form of perpetual commissioning & advanced analytical reporting that can identify issues that may have gone unnoticed.

Over time, mechanical equipment routinely fails to consistently satisfy the performance criteria intended in design or established during commissioning activities. While significant equipment faults or catastrophic system failures are more difficult to ignore by facility maintenance teams, poor performance is easy to ignore or can go unnoticed indefinitely.

Reducing Operating Costs

The detrimental effects of poor performance can accumulate over time, can be predictive of equipment failure, and can result in a significant increase in operating costs and resource consumption. It is estimated that 5-30% of the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted due to mechanical faults and control errors (Granderson, et al., 2017). 

Identifying and resolving poor performance resulting from equipment faults or control errors or operational inefficiency quickly and effectively is fundamental to ensuring significant energy consuming systems operate optimally. Benchmarks and KPI’s are agreed then measured and reported to track reduced stakeholder service requests, reductions in utility consumption & improved NABERS ratings.

Helping Building Managers

IFDDs delivers easily digestible insights into a building performance and a clear path to issue resolutions. We empower our clients to gain an insight into the performance of the building regardless of their experience or understanding of the HVAC industry. Our software assists building managers to identify the issue before they receive complaints from occupants.

Our detailed peer-reviewed reporting documentation focuses on each maintenance and the tracking of any potential ongoing issues.

IFDD’s can help identify hard to spot issues, present findings in real time and easy to understand. They will also identify the non-performing assets and we can then focs our maintenance hours on equipment with the lowest IFDD scoring. 


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